Candle Colour Meanings

A candle-lit skull.Candles have been around for many, many years and have always had “Candle Colour Meanings”, the humble candle is a very popular mood setter now.

It was not too long ago that candles were just a means of getting some light in a room when the power went out.

Not any longer. Read on for your insight into Candle Colour Meanings.

Our Philosophy Behind Our Candle Magic

Candle light magic is based on the exact same concept as that of colour therapy. Different colours have different frequencies which, consequently, have different impacts on the human mind.

We can all use these impacts in a positive fashion to enhance our mood and thoughts.

The Role of Candles and Astrological Meanings of Candle Colours

Coloured Candles lit and burning. Illustrating Candle Colour Meanings.They were a necessity for emergencies. Nowadays, the role of candles has changed.

Some are beautiful works of art which it seems a shame to light, others are a custom scented candle lit and used for relaxation purposes, with their perfume permeating the air.

Candles are used for decorating rooms. Each colour you choose can have a profound effect on the atmosphere in the room, so more and more people are tapping into the mystic art of numerology and discovering the spiritual code of candle colour meanings.

The choice is yours, and you have a wide array of colours and shapes to choose from.

The Meaning of White Candles

Girl holding a white candle - giving Candle Colour Meanings.The shade of pureness and brand-new starts. Utilise a white candle for routines including spells for injury recovery, new job starts, and for ceremonies for spiritual growth.

Additionally, they are the best to use for moon spells as well as holy functions. They are good remembrance, as well as dedications.

Church candle lights are generally white, therefore white candles are connected with petitioning the spirits for information.

It is said that white candles may be used in the place of any type of other colour candle when a colour is not available.

Red Candles

Red Candles are used for energy, health, vitality, vigor, and is used to represent the element of Fire. Red is physical and bestows energy (general, dynamic, receptive, sexual), dynamism, passionate love, physical desire, will power, and athletic ability (especially competitive). Red is used for arousing anger, pure lust and for physical gratification.

Yellow Candles

Yellow Candles are used to symbolize brainpower, focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, logic, learning, to improve visualization, to improve memory. Use yellow for confidence, charm, persuasion, attractiveness, to compel another to do your bidding, also for inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, mental strength and clarity of communication.

Blue Candles

Blue Candles are used in meditation, healing, forgiveness, inspiration, fidelity, Happiness, and opening lines of Communication. Success

Purple Candles

Purple is said by mystics to be the colour of the third eye. When we see a purple candle it imbues us with a certain psychic ability. A hidden knowledge is available to us on such occasions.

Some say that purple candles, when given as gifts, can Influence people in high places. You've got to believe it that purple candles are the peak of candle colour spiritual power.


Magenta, warm pink, and also deep shocking pink candles are very potent. Combine the caring energy of pink and raise the stakes a bit further!

The gently coloured pastel pink candles attract empathy and also bring out the compassion in those attending, Then the more powerful pinks are all about enthusiasm, and determination. Use a dark pink candle to invoke sexuality Yes! It's is the candle colour for sexual confidence. As well as that watch out for flirtation, both in yourself and others, in the presence of lit pink candles.

It has even been suggested that magenta candles can be made use of to net a handsome “fish of the sea” (especially a man or woman who you admire when neither of you has previously been brave enough to make a move).

Green Candles

Green candles signify the earth's abundance. Think  fertility and the blossoming of youth into adulthood. Burn green when your finances need boosting, and the same goes for when you see personal growth. It is a good colour during healing and has been attributed benefits in a long life.

Green candle burning can help you find a new job, get promotion at work, and generally approve the work situation. ​

Green is you first part of a call to connect with and heal your heart chakra.

A heart chakra can bring dedicates to learn the power of healing through  prayer over your health and well being. It also brings about harmony.

Other angelic benefits of green come from the associations the colour has with good luck, and money. Think of it for times when you will be wanting to evoke being in the nature. Old fashioned and stable, green gets more interesting when seeking wealth, and it has strong links in that direction.

Gold Candles

The colour gold is an emblem of light in its purest kind.

Gold is the extremely intense and bright icon of wealth and money. It stands for cash, success, defence and victory over our problems. The use of a gold candle light enhances interaction with deep space as it attracts positive planetary influences.

Black Candles

The burning of black candle light is the antipathy of light. It means significant business and using black candles is quite rare in many parts.

Burning black is done when one intends to fend off unfavourable powers. The shade “deep carbon black” deals those present a great opportunity of security from health problems.

Spells in the light of a black candle on certain nights, can make people immune to many bad influences.

Black candles done right can make the participants almost untouchable by evil. All the negative power heaped upon you from outside forces falls away. Black candle light is seen by many to be very special for it's assistance in harnessing the recovery power of the cosmos.

Conclusion – The Meanings of Candle Colour

Nothing says relaxation and romance like a candle lit room. It seems to make the rest of the world disappear from sight, so you see only that which is in the candle's light. This is a good way to forget the worries of the day, and is an inexpensive way of doing so too. Give it a try one evening when you feel stressed and feel the tension disappear in a puff of smoke as you light your candles.

You can discover various tinted candle lights at the majority of metaphysical stores, as well as additionally house decor and craft stores.  Keep in mind that your spell can still be effective even if you don't have the “right” colour candle.

There are candles for every occasion too, for Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc., and for people with a variety of interests. Some candles have flowers in them as decoration, others are decorated with shells, or imitation fish, flowers, or you name it! There is a lot of choice out there.

Along with the huge variety of candles, and the ability to make your own custom scented candle, comes an equally large variety of candle holders. To make the burning of candles as safe as possible, they need to be in a safe holder, or on a plate or in a tin, but even so, there are candle holders that appeal to all sorts of different tastes. There are wall candle holders as well as candelabras, and numerous glass containers of various shapes and colours that, provided the candles are inserted properly and the glass placed on a flat surface, will be safe for you to burn.

Another advantage of candles, is that you can easily make them yourself, decorating them, colouring them, and adding essential oils to make a custom scented candle to help set a certain mood. Candle making is a good project for a family and a way of making inexpensive gifts at any time of the year and for any occasion. You can also make candle gift baskets with the theme, or colour scheme of your choice.

You can vary your candles too by using soy instead of paraffin wax, or bees wax for more environmentally friendly candles, or you can use gel for candles. This is available in many different colours and shades, and is very effective. Of course you can use different shaped containers for the wax, tins or jars and you can decorate them as you see fit. Or you can make floating candles, using a wide base for the candle to help it float.

The choices for candles are many, but there are advantages to a custom scented candle. You can make it the shape and colour of your choice, and with the scent of your choice, or you an use essential oils to turn it into an aromatherapy candle. Make your choice and enjoy!

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