God Gives Another Infallible Proof That Assures the Rapture Will Occur May 21, 2011

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12. “God Gives Another Infallible Proof That Assures the Rapture Will Occur May 21, 2011

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The original article now deleted (also not available on the WayBack Machine (archive,org)) is referred to in the following curated excerpt:


…, another group of New Age thinkers and scientific doomsayers claim that December marks the end of the world as it is currently known. They portray the end of the world either through cataclysmic destruction or, more often, through a kind of corporate spiritual enlightenment.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa describe this spiritual enlightenment as a major inner human transformation resulting in greater spiritual awareness, spiritual activism, and global peace ( Awaking: Choosing Spiritual Enlightenment over Armageddon). But their idea is only one in a sea of voices that offer competing ideas about the end of the world.

Harold Camping, founder and president of Family Stations, Inc., strongly disagrees with these New Age enthusiasts. Camping told the San Francisco Chronicle that the “date has not one stitch of biblical authority. It’s like a fairy tale.” The real date for the end of time, he says, is in 2011. Camping insists that May 21, 2011, is the unquestionable, Scripturally predicted day of the Rapture and end of time. Camping uses his radio network and website to promote a free publication, “God Gives Another Infallible Proof That Assures the Rapture Will Occur May 21, 2011.”

Excerpt from The Baptist Bulletin here.

From the above it is clear what the original citation verified, namely the potential numerological significance of the date 21 May 2011, whereas the cataclysmic “end-of-world” event was being forecast by most as 11:11:11. (i.e. 11 November 2011).

Other currently available articles can be used to clarify the above reference, such as:

The 7,000 Years “Proof” Refuted

The “Proof” synopsis:

Harold Camping says that Christ will return May 21st, 2011. One primary “proof” he cites is his 7,000 year argument. Camping calculates that exactly 7,000 years have elapsed from the time of the flood to our year 2011. Because the number is 7,000 (a multiple of the 7 days given to Noah), this “fact” is submitted as “proof” that Judgement will occur in 2011.

The article at RefuteCamping goes on to explain why Camping was wrong here.

Finally, there is also verification of the original (lost) citation in the following extract (apparently from an audio transcript) and link:

More Infallible Proofs

16-May-2010 | Chris McCann
Audio: Length: 55:28 Size: 9.5 MB

I thought that it would be good today to talk a little bit about another tract that Family Radio has. They have the “HOLY GOD will bring Judgement Day on MAY 21, 2011” tract. Family Radio also has a tract that answers the question that many bring, “No Man Knows the Day or the Hour?” This is also available and they also send this out freely. A third tract that they have that I do not think has gotten as much attention or as much notice is the tract “God Gives Another Infallible Proof that Assures the Rapture Will Occur May 21, 2011.”

This third tract was mainly developed to show a certain time path, I guess this is what we could call it, from the cross or April 1 in the year 33 A.D. until May 21 of next year in 2011. It goes into detail regarding the number of days, which is 722,500 days from April 1st in 33 A.D. to May 21st in 2011. This is a good tract that lays this out.

I think that maybe part of the problem that people are having, since this is not getting as much attention as the other tracts, is that perhaps people do not understand just how important it is that 722,500 days breaks down into significant numbers. These numbers are 5 x 10 x 17. Then it doubles it and it is x 5 x 10 x 17 again. These exact numbers are given twice.

The link to the above excerpt on the eBible Fellowship website is here.