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Numerology Training for Readers and Courses Offered

The first part of this article provides training in numerology basics, before we go on to discuss some popular numerology training courses for professional readers and hobby interest now available online.

Numerology is the use of numbers and number combinations in divination. Numerology is often used as part of psychic readings. Each number corresponds to a meaning.

They also correspond to the letters of the alphabet. It is though these meanings and correspondences that numerology is interpreted and charts are made for divination.

The numbers used are zero through 10.

Any number larger than 10 is broken down by adding the two digits of the number together to get a single digit number.

Number Meanings Zero through Ten

The following explains the generally accepted meanings of the number zero through ten:

  • 0 – everything and nothing all at once
  • 1 – singular, individual
  • 2 – balance, pair
  • 3 – communication
  • 4 – creation
  • 5 – action
  • 6 – responsibility
  • 7 – the mind, thought
  • 8 – power
  • 9 – the end 1
  • 0 – begin again

The meanings of the numbers vary often according to each numerologist. However, in general the above meanings are a good representation of the number meanings that are most often used. Sometimes the numbers 11 and 22 are assigned special meaning as prime number that represent the most important and meaningful numbers in numerology.

How Numbers Relate to the Letters of the Alphabet

The numbers also are related to the letters of the alphabet. For this numbers 1 through 26 are used. Usually in numerology reports a persons name is written out then labeled with number for each letter.

The numbers are then added together and brought down to a digit between one and ten.

For example:

Sue becomes the number 18 / 20 / 5

18 becomes 9 20 becomes 2 5 stays as 5 Then it is added: 9+2+5=16

The answer, 16, is reduced to a single digit of 7

This is the basis of translated words into numerology. It is an important part of the process, though and something every numerologist needs to know.

Numerology Charts

Numerology charts are often done for one person or can be made to compare two people, such as in a relationship. Numerology reports often tell about the inner workings of a person or relationship.

A numerologist has to be able to make the connection between letters and number, as well as be able to add and interpret the meanings behind the results of their work. Numerology reports are often long and take quite a bit of time to finish. Reports are often based upon the name and date of birth of a person. The name and date of birth are broken down into various equations that each mean something different.

Personal Data Necessary to Carry Out a Reading

Image shows the text: Numerology Training for Readers.A numerologist should only need the basic information, name and date of birth, to complete a natal numerology chart. For more complex charts they may need additional information. Relationship charts require the names of both individuals and their birth dates and may require the date of the anniversary, depending on the reading to be done.

Skills Needed by Practising Readers

Numerology requires a lot of skill to be able to remember all the corresponding details of numbers and letters. A numerologist also has to learn the different meanings of the numbers and the different formulas for coming up with the results of a reading. It can take some time to learn numerology, but it is not as difficult as it may seem. A good numerologist will be able to explain the process to their clients and be able to answer any questions they may have.

Numerology is a form of divination and can be used on a smaller scale with other forms of divination like tarot readings or rune casting. Numbers have always held special meanings and they can add depth to a tarot reading or rune casting. Many psychic readers associate numbers with their readings, as sometimes they may receive messages in the form of numbers.

Numerology Courses Online

The first place to suggest for anyone seeking to become a numerology reader is that they consider taking numerology courses at the huge course repository which is the Udemy website.

You can find Udemy Categories by using their “Search for anything” facility.

Of course, if you are already a Numerology Reader having practised the art, Udemy also offers an additional way to pursue your love for the art of mystic karmic numbers by creating your own Udemy course. That way you might well be able to do as the Udemy website suggest and turn what you know about Numerology reading, into an opportunity, and as they say: “Reach millions around the world”, according to your life path number.

Numerology Certification

Numerologgy Certification is offered by the self-styled Numerology University. Now don't be concerned if you've taken a course, and you don't have certification. To the best of our knowledge, at this time, certification is not required anywhere in order to practise magic number readings accepted everywhere.

As far as we are aware , there are no licensing requirements for Numerologists anywhere in the World. However, in most countries, before  you start a business you will need to inform the tax man, and in some countries you will need to hold a business license.

According to the Numerology University it takes students about 11 months to become trained to the point of being able to start to take-in clients. To do this, the university suggest that you would need to take action as rapidly as possible. By that we mean reading the training manual and watching the training videos for a period every day.  By doing that you will, develop a basic skill-set enabling you to begin practising within the first 2 months.

You may ask whether this degree of study is really necessary, or might it be over detailed for the average reader, The university web site is quite open about the discipline being unregulated. They do point out that, the industry is self-regulating and the schools are ultimately businesses [out to make a profit].

Columbia, Harvard, and Cornell have extensive online numerology learning programs In addition, Penn, Dartmouth, and Yale universities offer online classes.

When taking the University course you are encouraged to find a study partner and to practice your techniques on a number of people.

World Numerology

World Numerology offers a course which is described as designed for those wishing to become an expert in numerology. It is said to allow you to: “Pursue your passion for Numerology and allow the mystery of numbers to reveal themselves”.

“By the end of the course you will be able to produce an entire personality profile, calculate and delineate interpersonal compatibility profiles and forecasts, and have a thorough understanding of the foundations of Pythagorean numerology. The calculation methods explained in this course are long-established and respected techniques.”

LifePathNum offers experience based certified training in Numerology and reading practise. They also suggest that their course program brings help to those who find it difficult to take a full week personal year out of their schedules to attend course unit training, with the attending costs.

That they believe a career in Numerology is a great option to take is clear from their statement:

“Businesses from the smallest to Fortune 500 corporations have benefited from numerology, until recently there has been a cloak of secrecy around its use. Through the efforts of many pioneers,   the field is now ready to break wide open. And you can be a part of this explosion.”

“The need for properly trained numerologists has never been greater. The growing popularity of numerology is evidenced by about 3, 580, 000 Google listings.”

International School of Numerology

The International School of Numerology offers training in a diverse and comprehensive range of topics from Basics of numerology, to the origin and growth of numerology. This is a professional course designed for students who wish to take up Numerology as a profession.

On the way you will be tutored in the methods of numerology, root numbers, Fedic numbers, and name numbers.

That's not all.

Even by including here in our list: the characteristics of each number in detail, and the wonders of the friendship table not to forget compound numbers (1-80), we are only scratching the surface of what appears to be a very high level of course detail.

Introduction to Numerology by Hay House EU

The Hay House EU website offers a course called; “Numerology Made Easy”, which they describe as:

“It is a powerful self-help tool and, once you know how to use it, it will enable you to understand yourself better and make well-considered, fruitful choices in all areas of your life. …”

and this online video life path course course includes:

“Six video lessons with renowned numerologist Michelle Buchanan A complete guide to working out your personality profile and what it means Detailed information about how to use numerology to forecast and plan your future Seven PDF worksheets to explore the topics further.”

Numerology Diploma Course from the Centre of

The Numerology Diploma Course from the Centre of is a Certified and Accredited Course as described on their website, featuring online study with tutor support.

The course has been:

“designed with the beginner in mind, covering everything from what Numerology is, to how to apply the study to benefit your own life and the lives of others.”

The core course content also appears to be comprehensively wide ranging and is the first we've seen. This course path is in keeping with the trend of all professional bodies to apply CPD (Continued Professional Development) points to their course units.

Other astrology, etc., courses are offered.

Free Numerology Online from offers a free Numerology Online course comprising 21 lessons.

Their approach holds aspects of one’s name to be especially important. The course examines our angel numbers for their extraordinary effects on one’s life. The associated energy vibrations, along with the interpretation of such information to provide insight and guidance are, it appears, well covered. Web Training

Cupped hands shimmering in white light.The Numerologist.Com training is well-known (if you aren't yet familiar with them, follow our links and watch their video now), As our main affiliate offering on this website we are bound to show our enthusiasm for their training.

They take a very up-front approach to Numerology Training, with the accent being on self discovery. Some may seek a more spiritual karmic expression of the subject, but as an affiliate selling the online training offered through the Clickbank Organisation, I can vouch for a very high level of satisfaction from the students. Refund rates are extremely low, and those that buy a recurring membership to receive regular updated readings remain as subscribers for several years on average.

Quote from the Numerologist website:

“Numerology (and all personal growth for that matter) can only help you when you know what you want. You have to get clear on your desires, be comfortable and happy with who you really are, and as clichéd as it sounds, love yourself.”

“But that can take time and a lot of soul-searching, which is why numerology works so well for most people. Not only does it give you direction on your goals, it helps you figure out who you are, which dreams are worth pursuing, and what will truly fulfill you.”

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