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Learn Numerology with this Simple Introductory “Reading the Numbers” Guide

Here is our very Simple Guide To Learning Numerology. Take it and use it for good.

Numerology may turn out to be very interesting, once you get geared up to know about this incredible science. Numbers reveal a great deal about you according to this unique stream of numbers.

Your life path number and universal number are two basic tools to tell you about your numerological facts. However, I must mention that, numerology only appeals to those who believe in it.

If you want to learn numerology, the first thing that you should know is two different ways of getting numerology relevant numbers. The first option is to use summation of digits of your birth date to reach at a single digit that is known as life path number, the other option is to look at numbers that represent letters of your name.

According to basic numerology each single digit number has certain traits either behavioural or physical associated with it. And all people possess a single digit life path number that determine their personality. These traits associated with one to nine are basically meant to be interpreted after ascertaining life path number. In a way single digit numbers could be called life path numbers.

Numbers depict the traits of a human personality.

These numbers and corresponding traits form the basis of numerology.

Once you know these aspects of numbers, you have learnt the basis of numerology. Now you just need to attribute these traits to the person born on these dates.

For example: Jane is born on June 16th, 1985. The life path number for Jane is 1+6=7. The above mentioned traits of number 7 will define the basis of Jane’s character.

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